Want more sales for your business?


Rebranding your business will give it a new look and appeal, bringing back your old customers and attracting new customers. Rebranding doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor.

Starting with a budget as low as $2500 per month, we can help you kick off a powerful rebranding process and create amazing brand assets for you, that’ll bring your business back into the spotlight of your industry.

Within a few weeks, we’ll get all your brand and business growth assets ready and you can launch your juicy new brand to attract new clients, re-establish old relationship with your long lost customers and also get the chance to run some cool press-release campaigns again to stay on top of the news within your industry.


Our fast-paced, fully fledge business branding and growth assets development service that will help you create the most important tools and materials you need to make your business an outstanding one.

Our offer is mainly focused on existing businesses that is serving a good number of customers and are looking to get more attention for their business. We believe one of the most effective ways to grab the attention of the press, your old customers and even your competitors is by recreating your brand and coming out with something cool and fresh.

You also get the opportunity to recreate or upgrade your brand messaging, tone or voice, mission and vision. Thus, you’ll be attracting more customers to your business, promoting your services to bring in new sales and ultimately increase your profits as you grow your target audience.

Here’s a list of what you get…

📍Premium Logo Development – Get a custom crafted unique logo that’s perfect for your business alone. You’ll get 3-5 concepts to pick from, with unlimited revisions. 

📍Business Assets Creation – Every other brand assets needed for your business to stand out will be created for you. These includes your Business card, letterhead, fliers, social media banners, Print ready designs etc.

📍Brand Tone & Messaging – We’ll help you create a powerful, appealing and highly effective brand voice, tone and message that will resonate with your target audience and bring your business closer to your customers.

📍Website Redesign and Upgrade – You’ll get a brand new, highly improved, speedy, mobile responsive website that will dazzle your audience and fulfill the task of helping you convert more customers and bringing in more sales.

📍Onboarding Assets Creation – You need to have the right assets available when you’re bringing in new customers to your business. The experience that each new customer or client gets when they start working with you should be seamless and nicely memorable. 

📍Presentation assets Branding – Every single presentation asset you have should represent the professionalism and extreme value your business provides to your customers. It’s more important than ever to make your presentations memorable for your audience at all times.


Depending on your needs, we usually complete our clients rebranding projects within 2 – 4 weeks. 

The only reason why any project can get past that time-frame is if the client delays the project by not responding appropriately, asking for different things and generally not staying on track with the project time-frame.

We always ensure that our service delivery is top-notch and we also provide multiple revisions and concepts for clients to assess and compare.

If you’ve been looking for reliable, professional, fast and concise brand development experts, then you’re in for a treat and a great time with us.


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