I’ve been in the business of using my talent to make things happen since the year 1999… Between then and now, I’ve gone through a lot in life to understand that there’s a lot to learn as you grow and that the more people you positively influence and effectively help to succeed, the greater your own success.

Am always looking out for people who are interested in working with me to change their lives positively and am also looking for partnerships with people that have more business experience, exposure and financial capacity to take my business and theirs to the next level.

I’m really grateful for the wonderful things I’ve been able to achieve through the Internet and how much I’ve influenced, helped and changed the lives of people near and far using access to the internet.

If you’d love to connect with me for my Mentorship Program or would love to discuss business partnership opportunities with me, I’d love to receive your mail. (arewalanre@gmail.com)




Your branding materials set you apart from the competition and allow your clients/customers to differentiate between you and others. Your materials help further your business’s identity and foster a connection between your company and your customers.

We will create a Brand blueprint that will cut across all platforms and help you represent your business the best way possible.

Depending on your business, your branding materials will be divided into 3 Phases:

1: Development of your Brand Colors, fonts and Logo.

2: Creation of all your offline business assets like business cards, letterhead, envelopes and brochure.

3: Creation of your Online business assets like Social Media Covers, Website Banners, Ad banners.

>> Additional Brand Materials may be needed for your business like Customized Mugs, Tee-Shirts, BillBoards, Roll Up Stands etc. We can also provide designs for these materials by specific request.


There is a big difference between rigid official looking website contents and flexible effective words that goes straight to the emotional and logical perspective of your website audience.  When someone visits your website for the first time, it is assumed that the person have never heard of your business before and would be looking forward to a warm welcome and clear explanation of what you do as a company and how you can help them achieve their goals from the use of your product or services.

We’ll take your initial website contents and help you recreate it into an highly effective communication medium which will best explain your business products and services and open the eyes of your esteemed potential customers to the awesome benefits they will get from you.

This will increase your website engagement, reduce the bounce rate and help you convince and convert more customers.


The process of taking a website visitor from knowing nothing about you or your business to getting comfortable with you and eventually wanting to give you money is a tactical one and most times each business requires a custom conversion funnel that will be connected to their unique selling point, their environment, experience and target customers or clients.
Do not fall into the pit of online marketers where you will be told that there is a special software that will take all your problems away and just magically turn all your website visitors to zombies that will do everything you tell them without questions. Getting someone to part with their hard earned cash is more than just a software or click-button solution. It requires research, understanding the client/customers needs and being able to proffer lasting solutions to these problems.
We will create a purpose driven Conversion Funnel for you according to what final action you want your potential client/customer to take. 

My Past Training Programs

Fiverr Free Training - Ibadan (May 2016)
Fiverr Lagos Free Training (March 2016)
Fiverr Lagos Free Training (March 2016)
Fiverr Free Training in Ibadan (January 2016)
Graphics Design Training Lagos (June 2015)
Personality Development Seminar-Poly Ibadan (2012)