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A list of benefits you'll get from the Consultation Call

✅ We’ll help you break down your business offers and identify ways you can create multiple special deals for clients to stay with you on a monthly retainer.

✅ We’ll look into your business and help you discover hidden gems that you’re not paying attention to. Gems that can pivot your business to the next level.

✅ You’ll be shown the tools you’ll need to build this new business model and create a system that ensures consistent flow of income for your business. 

✅ We’ll show you how to invest smartly in your business at a lower expense and for a better and more assured tomorrow. Once you get this system dialed into your business, nothing can stop you from succeeding with your business.

✅ You’ll learn the strategies that will put you years beyond your competition and help you break the circle of need and uncertainty all the time.

✅ You’ll get access to the entire call recording (We’ll even let you record the consultation session), so that you can replay it as many times as possible to refresh your mind and catch up on points you may have missed during the call.

✅ This consultation call will erase all the fears of the unknown with your business. Let you be more in control and give you the know-how to plan greater achievements and expansion for your business.


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Answer: This is not a sales call. It’s a paid Consultation Session. You’ll actually be on a 1-on-1 with our Chief Strategic Officer and he’s going to be sharing the core information about how to use The R.E.A.C.H. SYSTEM directly for your business.

No Fluff, No Cheesy Sales Tactics. Just Valuable information that will help your business grow.

Answer: Below are the steps of what we’ll cover during the consultation session…

  1. Audit of your current Business Model: What do you offer as a service, what problems do you solve using your service, how do you solve those problems, how long does it take you to solve the problems, what tools do you need to solve the problems and a host of other important questions relating to your business.
  2. Clarity on your Business Purpose: We’ll look into your business essence and how your business can stand out within your industry. 
  3. Application of The R.E.A.C.H. SYSTEM to your Business: We’ll apply the several parts of the R.E.A.C.H. SYSTEM to your business and show you how you can effectively grow your business from “Client Acquisition” reliance to “Client Retention” freedom. 

Answer: The R.E.A.C.H. SYSTEM will be perfect for your business, if… 

  • You already have a product or service that gets measurable or tangible results for your clients.
  • Your business can offer more value to your customers on a consistent basis.
  • You understand the importance of building sustainable income for  your business.
  • You are ready and able to invest in your business growth.
  • You have plans to expand and growth your business in a powerful way.
  • You are a go-getter that doesn’t allow unnecessary distractions from stopping you on the path to your goals.
  • You value high quality delivery, expertise and business experience over cheap service delivery.

You’re not fit for This System, if… 

  • You are just starting out with no money to invest in your business.
  • You don’t have a clear vision and don’t have any goals for your business.
  • You are not willing to invest properly in your business.
  • You are expecting to succeed within a very short period of time.
  • You like to stress, complain and make excuses instead of take action and accept responsibility for your actions.
  • You don’t value high quality work and services. Because you cannot give what you don’t like.

A: Yes you can. It’ll be a pleasure for us to be your Business Strategist and Consultant, even if you don’t hire us for implementation of The R.E.A.C.H. SYSTEM for your business. You can easily purchase the monthly package of our “60 mins Strategic Business Consultation” with up to 4 meetings per month at a discounted price of $1,100 (Save $488) or you can order our one-time consultations at $397/hour.

A: If we discover that we’re in alignment to work together and you’re ready to get started, we’ll let you know the steps to take in order to kick off your project with us immediately.  

A: No we can’t. This Consultation Call is the first step towards building a great business relationship between us and it also helps us to see the possibilities of doing great things with your business.

It is obligatory for us to have this session as it helps us align our expectations together and gives both parties the opportunity to decide if we’ll be able to do amazing things working together or not.