Hello, A few days ago I decided to start up this website on how you can increase your website sales as someone having products or services to offer.
 It’s been great putting together several points and seeing how much people out there are benefiting from them.
 In fact, I got a mail yesterday by one of my blog readers that really appreciated what I’ve discussed in the last article which deals withhow to start a free professional online office and make money.
If you have not read that article and you’re new in the world of Digital Business, you need to go there and read it before reading this post.
·         Although I promised to write an article on how you can create a Social Media Account to complement your new website, I think we need to discuss this very important issue before moving to creation of your social media account and integration into your website.

So, today we’ll be looking into very important aspects of building a professional website for your business.

 As we all know that branding and proper packaging are the core of increasing sales in any business and the only way for you to Increase your website sales is for you to have a high quality and purpose driven website that will always appeal to your readers every time they access it.
After deciding on the seven key points you need to work on before starting your website (as discussed in our last article), you need to have a blueprint for building your website.
Your website blueprint is like your house blueprint which has to be professionally drafted by your architect, the electrification has to be done by a reputable electrical expert, and you need carpenters to do the roofing, builders to do the building and other professionals to help put finishing touches to your house.
In the world of Internet, you can serve the functions of most of these professionals, but you will still need other professionals to help you out with complex stuff online or learn how to do these things from an expert.
Let’s look at the five important features you need on your new website and how you can start integrating them into your website:
1.       Your Home Page

2.       Your About Us Page

3.       Your Our Services Page

4.        Your Free Download Page

5.       Your Contact Us Page
These are the five most important features every website needs; any other additions may go under these pages as child-pages.
Now let’s get into each of these pages and what is expected of you to include in each page.


Your Home Page is where anyone that just logs into your website will be directed to.
It’s like your office reception area where you have the receptionist waiting eagerly to welcome your clients or customers. 
We all know how important the reception area is and why most companies spend thousands of Dollars making sure their reception office has state-of-the-art furniture and facilities.
Your Home Page contents: The Introduction, Brief and Directions which serves as your receptionist.
 Your customers will love your business if your receptionist is nice, polite, inviting and easy to understand.
They will also love it if they are given the opportunity to ask your receptionist questions and get answers immediately. (Hmmm… I just started seeing this new perspective.) 
This simply means that you need to have a very complete homepage, where your introduction has to be short and simple, a little brief has to be written about your company and you need to have directions for your website visitors to follow in order to achieve what they came to do on your website at the first place.
Here is a Template you may use for your Home Page (edit as necessary):
“Welcome! If you’re looking for the best place to gain access to professional graphics designs that is filled with SEO juice and geared towards helping you increase your website sales, then you’re in the best place. 
At, we go all out in providing solutions to your online business challenges, we believe there are wonderful and talented people out there that need to understand and benefit from the immense bounty the internet has to offer without falling into the hands of hungry Internet Marketers.
Thus, we created this website to help you and other interested individuals to learn the ropes of how the Internet works and the necessary skills they need to develop to become successful online.
You can learn more about us by going to our About Us Page (Link-about us page), you may also visit our Services Page (link-our services page) to see what professional assistance we can render at an affordable price.
 If you would love to read about the internet and how it works, we have a few interesting eBooks in the Free Download Section(link-free download page) and if you have any questions to ask with regards to any information online, please do not hesitate to give us a call or shoot us an email here(link-contact us page)
Thank you for coming on board and we would like you to join us on our social media networks on Facebook (Facebook Fan page link), Twitter (twitter link), LinkedIn (LinkedIn link) and Google+ (Google+ link).
Welcome once again,
Adeoye Lekan – Marketing Manager”
From the Contents above, you can easily see how I have included all the details of my business in just the Home page and how I’ve been able to link my website visitor to much related existence I have on the internet.
The trick here is to make sure these links open to another tab or else your visitor may be taken away from your website forever.

It’s like telling your customer to go make his call at the other hotel building round the block because you don’t have a phone booth within the premises of your own hotel. 

Now that you have an idea of what your home page has to look like, let’s move to the about us page and see the necessary details it needs.


When people ask you “what do you do for a living?”, what will be your first response?
Think about the first 4 sentences that will come to your mind and write them down as the contents of your About Us Page.

You may even take it a step further by creating professional standard presentation for your business.

Here’s an Example:
Our Mission:  To ensure we help individuals, business owners and companies in expanding and boosting the sales of their goods and services through their websites.
Our Vision: To be amongst the best in providing solid and applicable solutions to Sales related problems and how to make money online experienced by our customers, clients and Trainees.
Core Strength:  We find succor in the fact that people always reach out to us with their challenges and we always find a way around these problems, finally providing a lasting solution to these obstacles and bringing smiles to our customer’s faces.
Our Staff is a dedicated team of experts that is willing and continuously ready to help you succeed online and offline, Why don’t you contact us(Contact Us Page Link) today to make enquiries on any issue that is bothering your mind concerning how to make money with your website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
 Thanks for choosing us,
We’ll be expecting your call,
Paula Shedds -Admin Officer”
 The above write-up is just a concept which I have developed from years of experience in working with start-up businesses and standard companies.
This means that you need to sit down and draft a befitting Vision, Mission statements, Staff Strength and Business Focus for your business. 
These factors are very important for any form of business; it shows your website visitors that you have a long term vision and that you are ready to get involved with them by providing a lasting solution, support and assurance for their businesses.
Once your ABOUT US page is ready, you may now create an appealing content for the products and services you offer.


On this Page, all you need is to create a concept that will be most comfortable for you. If you’re an Author or a trainer with several books or video courses for sale, you may decide to use a table format to display your products.
Here’s an example of a Table Format for Display:
THE 3D ECOVER  – $10.00
LOVE BOOK- $20.00
When you look at the above Table, you can see that I purposely created 6 Cells and tried to adjust it to the proper sizes.

I actually did this table using Microsoft Word, Then I copied the entire document into my post page. (NOTE: You will have to upload the images manually through the blogger platform.)

NOTE: If you offer services instead or would like to explain more about your products or services, you can easily create a hidden page for each product or service and make the image as a link to that page.
Some of these points may seem a little technical for you, I only want you to understand how this works and so you can easily instruct your Web developer on what you want.

This way, your Web Developer will have a clear understanding of what is required for your website.


Creating this page depends solely on you and your plans for your business.

 If you intend to create a last long relationship with your website visitors, then you need to develop a 4 weeks or 10 Parts Training course that will ensure your website visitors will get relevant emails from you in a consistent pace. (Usually every three days.)

This is where Email Marketing comes to play. Although this article is not about email marketing, we need to look a little bit into it for you to see how important it is. 
Email Marketing is a way of getting the emails of your website visitors, so that you can contact them personally whenever you have an important announcement or recommendations to make.
Most internet marketers use this method to build what is called an EMAIL LIST. 
An EMAIL LIST is a comprehensive list of emails which belongs to people that are seriously interested in the goods and services you offer and which they have personally submitted to you in order to get access to a Free Download or a Training Course.
Some of the best Email Marketing Companies are MailChimp (with free account for beginners), GetResponse, Aweber, icontact, infusion etc.
You may go to any of these websites to learn more about what email marketing is about and how you can easily create an account of yours (free or paid).
There is a complete chapter for email marketing in my upcoming Training Course, HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN CASH MACHINE.

Next is…


Finally, we are here at your contact us page.
This page is basic and very simple, all you have to input into this page is your physical office address, your email address, your telephone numbers and fax number (if available).
You may also include the links to your Social Media accounts and Fan Page for socializing with your website visitors.
There is one more page which I almost missed, and that’s your website’s Blog Page.


This is the only dynamic page on your website; it is a place where you can input information as frequently as you want.
Let’s assume you have built a website for your Restaurant Business, you may upload the daily menu of your Restaurant on your official website through your Blog Page.

All you have to do is to label the page as “Our Daily Menu” or “Today’s Menu”.

Your Blog Page could also be used for sharing news or important announcements with your customers.

You may decide to use it as a form of relationship builder, thereby using it to explain the reasons behind your company’s actions and the plans your company has for their customers in the nearest future.

Almost all current websites have a Blog Page, in fact most websites with static pages usually create a sub-domain for their Blogs. This is to prevent the essence and functionality of both their static site and blog from colliding.
Right now you’re getting this information from my Blog Page and you can access my other website Pages at the Navigation Bar of the Website.
Hey! come to think of it I haven’t even created the pages for this website! Lolz! Anyway, I’ll copy and paste the samples I drafted above… That’s the sweetness of sharing real facts.


The task of creating your own website is as important as creating the goods and services you will be offering on the website. 
If you would like to learn the technicalities, then you can start by performing the tasks above and get a blogger account.
Using is really not difficult, just create a blog using your Gmail ID and study the platform, you will understand the necessities within a few days.
But if you would prefer to escape from the technical jargon or if you are really not a tech person, then you may shoot me an email and tell me about your website needs, and we can both see how to start up a reputable website for your business.
Here’s my email:
PS: If you have a Digital product and would like to Design or Redesign its Ecover Package for as low as Five Dollars, just Click on the Hard Cover Image on the Side Bar, or Click here to check out my office on 
Please, leave your Intelligent Comments below and ask questions where you need help. I’ll make sure I get back to you as fast as I can.
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Thanks and Stay Blessed.
Arewa Lanre.


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