This is a very important Information and I believe my Blog readers should be involved in it before it gets bigger and explodes!

After joining a lot of groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.

I realized that I’ve been wasting a lot of my time commenting or raising issues instead of building connections.

Most of us here came with the intention to build relationships, learn new stuff and grow our intellectual and financial base.

But we should open our eyes and realize that the Internet Marketers are the ones really making money out of us.

I’ve created a group on facebook with an intention to build a focused and purpose driven membership.
Where members can learn how to grow their personality and also grow their businesses. You get to share your work with us and get constructive feedback from seasoned professionals who know what you need to do for improvement.

This is a group that will help you to achieve a lot online, We expect members to create tutorial videos, eBooks and offer standard professional services as much as possible for the benefit of other members.

Assuming you create an information product and you want to sell it for $37, but you are not even sure you can get people to see it and be convinced to buy it.

Now, as a member of this group, you can market your product to as many members as possible. So let’s say you decide to give discount to members and sell at $10 for the first one week.

If we have 2000 members and at least 5% of them purchase your product, you would have made $1000 ($10×100 people) in one week.

Then it won’t stop there, every member is tasked with the job of helping you to share this product on their timeline as long as your product is of high quality and very valuable.  This simply means more exposure, more recommendations and more sales!!!

You’ll Also Have access to FREE SOFTWARE, TUTORIALS, STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE and so many other wonderful information that you simply can’t get in any general online group.

The Opportunity is endless!!!

Join this Group today, it is something I’ve planned for over 8 years. And you shouldn’t miss it now that it has come Alive.

CLICK THIS LINK NOW! Request to join the group and I’ll add you up.

Please help share this article to reach more people,
 See you at the Other Side!

Still yours in Business and Success,

Arewa Lanre.

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