How To Be a Millionaire Through Your Association

There are a lot of ways that anyone can become a Millionaire and these systems are time tested and duly approved by several successful people.

One of the ways you can follow to become wealthy in life is for you to follow the right set of people or for you to always be around the right set of people.

For example, if you don’t take Alcohol and all your friends drink beer, brandy and gin, sooner or later, they will mix a little alcohol with your malt, just to indoctrinate you into their status.

I’ve seen people who are 100% sober and after mixing with really crazy friends, they become addicts to drugs and even nearly destroy their own lives in the process, while those who brought them in are still 100% okay.

This same situation applies to getting rich, influential and wealthy too… All you need is the right envireonment, with the right people, who have the right mentality and your life will take a leap like The Incredible Hulk!

They was this story I read about Billionaire Aristotle Onasis, It’s such an inspiring story that I believe you will find it useful for you to make the right decisions in life… 

Here is the story….

When billionaire shipping tycoon Aristotle Onasis was nearing the end of his life, he was asked by a reporter:

“If you lost all your money, what would you do to get it back again?”

Onasis paused and replied: “Well, it would be a process of course. But, the first step on that process, of gaining a fortune, I would consider, to be serving others.”

That confused the reporter, who replied to Onasis, “What do you mean ‘serving others’? I thought people served you!”

Aristotle took a moment to coach the young reporter…

“People serve me, but it is only because throughout my life, I’ve served others.

You ask, ‘How would you create a fortune?’ and the first step would be to serve others. I would put myself in a position, by serving others, to be around people who could help me, guide me, and share their wisdom and experience with me.”

And then he added (and this is my favorite part):

“I would get a job, maybe two, maybe three. I would save my money. I would live simply as I possibly could, and when I’d saved up five hundred dollars, I’d go eat in a restaurant that cost five hundred dollars for a meal.

Then I would work more, live simply, and save my money until I saved five hundred dollars, and I would go eat again in a restaurant that cost five hundred dollars.”

At this point the reporter was frazzled and beside himself… he replied to Onasis, “I’m really not getting this. You’re trying to create a fortune but you’re blowing five hundred dollars on a dinner? Why?”

The wise (and rich) businessman replied: “Young man, it has nothing to do with the food I eat, but the associations I create. You see, to get where I’d want to be, I would need the wisdom and the relationships with the people who regularly eat in those expensive restaurants.”

This is one of my coolest stories, because it speaks to the power of your association

The all-time fastest way to earn a million dollars is to build associations and surround yourself with people who are earning ten million dollars…

The fastest way to get yourself in the gym 3x a week is to hang out with and get around people who go 7x a week.

Your environment is power (both for good or bad).

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Thanks for Reading and Se you next time! 🙂


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