Who is Arewa Olanrewaju?

I’m a Son, a Husband, a Father, and a brother to many. Born and bred in Festac Town Lagos, Nigeria in the early 80s, I’ve been a professional graphics designer since 1999, even though I studied Estate Management during my tertiary institution days.

I’ve always been someone that loves challenges and this made me curious about the internet and brought me to the online world in 2007.

Hungry to learn about business growth and expansion and how I can build an unlimited global business, I started learning website design, business brand development, email marketing and other  online business trends at that time. 

The experience I gathered through the years, have been the bedrock and foundation by which I provide amazing value to all my clients till this very day.

 From Freelancer to Digital Business and Global Agency Owner  

In 2013, I became a full time freelancer, serving clients worldwide and also teaching new freelancers how to do it successfully too. 

By 2017, I had trained over 100 new freelancers, made good money for myself as a top rated freelancer with over 3000 positive reviews and even had some of my students get to 7 figures income as freelancers.

Having gathered the necessary amount of business experience, girth, confidence, testimonials and expertise I deem required to kick off my own global business, I left freelancing in 2018 and established my own US based Digital Marketing Agency called BrandApexMedia LLC with the help of a client who became my business partner.

By the end of 2019, my Agency has worked with over 30 entrepreneurs, helping them grow their business and increasing their recognition within their respective industries.

Fast forward to now, I’ve had the privilege of working with purpose driven business owners and amazing game changing companies. I‘ve learn new business ideas every time by helping new and existing business owners brainstorm strategies, tactics, concepts and working systems they need to grow their businesses.

I Cherish Profitable Business Relationships

There’s nothing more exciting in business than knowing you’ll both win if you work together.

I only work with business owners that I am 100% sure of getting amazing results for and they also have to be willing and able to pay me for my worth.

I don’t work with clients who love what I offer, know that they’ll benefit immensely from my services, but want to compare me with the lowest of the low. They do not deserve my effort, expertise and experience.

It’s one of my core business policy to ensure every business relationship I go into leads to Win-Win results for myself and my clients/partners.

Would you like to work with me and my team?

We’re grounded in helping business owners create marketing strategies that is focused on Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention.

If you have a business that needs proven strategies which will help it grow into a sustainable income stream within the next 6 – 12 months, then you’ll be happy to have us look into your business and see how we can help you achieve this feat.

We also collaborate with other businesses or Software Companies that offer services that are in alignment with ours.

If you’d love to know more about our Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention system, you may get more information by Clicking Here.

On a Final Note.

It’s been a pleasure having you here and if you’d love to connect and chat with me about your business or a possible collaboration/joint venture, am always available on LinkedIn – Click here to Connect with Me On LinkedIn.

Thanks and I look forward to working with you.

– Arewa Olanrewaju